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Community Service

HealthLink is also co-sponsored by the Rhode Island Alliance for Retired Americans.  The basic goal is to create community netwroking that has the dual goal of community activism and service.

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RI-ARA and MA- ARA are  state affiliate members of the Alliance for Retired Americans, a nationwide organization founded in May 2001, with three million members working together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, politics, and institutions that shape our lives.

National ARA has a history that goes back to the administration of John F. Kennedy. Its predecessor organization "National Council of Senior Citizens" was formed and sucessful in lobbying for the original passage of Medicare in 1965.

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  There is a revolution taking place in personal health and wellness. We have been involved developing a community-based wellness program "HealthLink Wellness". It summarizes our work in the book: "HealthLink Wellness Model, Science for the Individual". In it are described tools based on over 40 years of health outcome research. Also included are various resources such as an Excel Template to help the individual track their personal health related progress by maintaining a healthy life style.  

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The Physician, the Community and Health Care Reform 

Report by Dr. Joseph Boffa 

The Rhode Island and Massachusetts Alliance for Retired Americans has over the  years  fostered HealthLink Wellness, a program committed to reducing the risk of chronic disease among retirees by promoting health screening, health education and exercise. Its strategy has been to develop partnerships that engage the retiree through their social networking. With funding from a CDC grant we added a network of primary care physicians who provided medical back up for community based outreach efforts.

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